Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fight Rising Food Prices                                                    

1. Eat at Home   
.....meal that you buy in a formal restaurant can be made at home for a fraction of the price.

2. Shop With a Plan
....Once the list is made, purchase only the items on the list, and avoid impulse buys. 

3. Put on Blinders
.....If you keep to your planned list of needed foods, you won't be tempted when you get forced down the junk food

4. Eat Before You Shop
......To keep your costs down, eat first and shop on a full stomach.

5. Avoid Prepared Foods
....... Ready-made meals are easy to buy, but come with a premium price tag.

6. Skip the Bottled Water a water filter. The per-gallon cost is significantly less than the cost of bottled water
 7. Shop Without the Kids
......increases the likelihood of extra items finding their way into your cart, including toys and snacks designed to keep the kids quie 

8. Buy in Bulk
......Pay attention to the prices and pick up the family size package if the per-unit cost is lower and you have a place to store it.  

9. Use Store Reward Cards
.....In some cases, stores raise their prices when they offer reward cards, and without the card your bill will certainly be higher.  

10. Use Coupons
....If you frequent a website of your favorite brands, they will often offer discounts to their faithful public.  

11. Buy Locally
......Locally grown or produced food is often available at a cheaper price because you don't pay for long transportation costs.

12. Look Down
...To find less expensive items, look down . Don't pay for packaging when what you really want is the food inside. 

13. Avoid the End Caps and Checkout Temptations
......Chances are good that walking a few extra feet will reward you with a less expensive option. 

 14. Compare Prices and Stores
....carry a calculator , calculate the cost per unit .
15. Shop for Sales
.....when a sale price is merely a small savings or when it is a significant discount to the normal price.  

 16. Watch 'Best Before' or 'Sell By' Dates
....the product will stay fresh until you thaw and cook it.

17. Substitute Recipe Items
.....great cheap and low-fat substitution for many recipes.

18. Keep Your Kitchen Stocked
.... means that you can wait to make your purchases until items are on sale.  

19. Shop Infrequently
.....reduces the odds of unnecessary purchases

20. Pay Attention to Time
..... you might get a coupon....evening or early morning also helps you avoid the crowds and spend less time in the store.

21. Pay In Cash
....To avoid extra cost, pay in cash when you shop and keep necessities off your credit cards.

22. Check Your Bill
.....scanners aren't perfect. Be sure to take a look at the receipt to make sure your coupons and discounts were taken into account.  

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