Monday, February 28, 2011

Maintain A Healthy Relation

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To make relationship with partner or child a healthier one:
1.Tell them that we know what a great effort they are putting in. Acknowledge their presence and commitment.

2.Pay attention to small desires, expectations, and dreams of  family members. This will encourage them and tell them that we care.

3.Express our love through small gestures. Wish our partners and children on special occasions.

4.Not to miss special occasions in our child’s school. Our children may not tell us but they will expect our presence. 

5.Indulge in fun and other activities with them. Share the fears, confusions, and complicated feelings that they are experiencing. Our attention will mean a lot to them.

6.Tell  that we like them the way they are. This will make them secured and less self-conscious.  

7.Never take their love, affection, and caring for granted.

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