Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Split Personality Disorder

In todays world, there are number of dreadful diseases; one of them is the disease of human mind, called as split-personality. Many people around the world refuse to believe that this disease really exits. They often think that the person is acting.

Split-personality is a very rare dissociative sickness in which the regular integrity of the personality breaks down and two or more personalities emerge. These personalities control and dominate the behaviour of the person depending on his mental condition.In psychaitry, there is no phenomenon or category called split personality.

Split personality disorder can be caused due to several reasons like over exposure to some kind of shocking incident, childhood abuse, problem in the brain functioning or social environment of the person can also cause this disorder. Basically conditions where mental pressure and stress are high leads a person to this disorder.

A person with a split personality, undergoes change in the personality in just a few seconds. He then acts as a completely different person. He starts to imitate behaviourial traits, characteristics, name etc of the person he thinks he is. At times the person undergoes a change where they have alters of sexual orientation, genders, nationalities and ages. It also happens at times that they convert to an animal, extra terrestrial life force or even some kind of spiritual force. 

Two basic symptoms of split personality: 
1.The patient looses his memory. He doesn’t remember things happened in his life over a long period of time or between a certain period of time. It so happens that once the patient comes out from the false personality into his normal self, he doesn’t remember what had happened to him. 

2.Depersonalization is also a symptom people suffering from split personality experience. The patient feels that he is out of his body and is watching something happening to his own body but is not able to do anything. They feel that their body is not real and is changing in shape, size and colour. 

Split personality is a very dangerous disorder, but we just cannot leave the effected person alone. You need to take special care, sensitivity and understanding to help such people because behaind this dangerous person, there is an innocent young child. 


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