Monday, June 21, 2010

Techniques for Taming Your Everyday Worries

....worrying isn't necessarily negative -- if it's done properly.....helps you anticipate danger, identify risks and rehearse a plan before it happens," says Beverly Potter, Ph.D., author of a variety of books on self-improvement and productivity, including The Worrywart's Companion.

.....a problem, however, when you get fixated on the worry, dwell on the imagined danger and allow this fearfulness to escalate into paralyzing anxiety.

To become what Dr. Potter calls a "smart worrier,
Calm yourself down
.....Take deep, cleansing breaths slowly and steadily.... 

Wean yourself from worrying
.....compartmentalize it by training yourself to worry only in one spot.........go to your designated worry spot. Then, gradually try to go to that spot less 

Keep a worry journal
....Put your worries on paper....lists help focus worries and make them finite.... 

Practice underreacting
.....Worrywarts tend to overreact and talk themselves into thinking they're facing a real crisis even when they're not . worriers practice the fine art of underreacting through self-talk 

Imagine a happy ending
....Worrywarts imagine the worst-case scenario . Concentrating on a happy ending builds hope and creates the expectation that all will be well in the end. Hope keeps worry in its place...

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