Sunday, September 19, 2010

13 Ways to Never Get Cancer

1. Filter Your Tap Water  
2. Stop Topping Your Tank
3. Marinate Meat Before Grilling
4. Caffeinate Every Day
5. Water Down Your Risks
6. Load Up On Really Green Greens
7. Snack On Brazil Nuts
8. Burn Off This Breast Cancer Risk Factor 
9. Ask Your Doc About Breast Density
10. Skip The Dry Cleaner 
11. Head Off Cell Phone Risks
12. Block The Sun With Color 
13. Eat Clean Foods 

Beta-carotene / Carrots / Sweet potatoes have double the beta-carotene of carrots.
Beta-cryptoxanthin / Oranges / One serving of papaya has 11 times more beta-cryptoxanthin than an orange and 6 times more than a cup of orange juice.
Lutein/zeaxanthin / Spinach / Cooked kale has 7 times the lutein/zeaxanthin of raw spinach.
Ellagic acid / Strawberries / Fresh raspberries have 3 times more ellagic acid than strawberries do.
Glucosinolates / Broccoli / A half cup of brussels sprouts contains 4 time
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